How should I go about even dating when dealing with baby mama drama?

Okay so pretty much me and my sons mother broke up over seven months ago, she left me for another guy and I found out after she lead me on for a little while so I decided to make it a permeant choice and won't try to take her back.

Now the past couple of months I been trying to date because I of course need to start moving forward in my life and I just can't stand having only friends with benefits, I do want to actually possibly find someone else.

Anyways onto the drama so things where okay once we broke up and we made a mutal agreement and I took my son every weekend or days I wasn't working or didn't have school and we communicated okay but once she realized that I wasn't going to try to take her back anymore and I dropped the reset of her things off this is when she stopped the communication and I found out from one of my friends that the guy she left me for didn't work out between them. Now I am not interested in going back, I just want to be there for my son and move forward with my life and hopefully find someone who actually wants to be with me. So anyways onto point so the problem is nowadays is I am dealing with loads of drama from her because she lacks communication regarding my son like if I ask to pick him up I will get a response weeks later with reasons like her phone was broken or it wasn't letting her message me and she's given me a basiclly free number off textme and that's the only way I can contact her.

So I am in the process now of speaking to a lawyer and trying to take her to mediation and if not then court but all this drama no girl really wants to be involved with or date someone who is dealing with it and I don't blame them. And I'll be honest it sucks because I know she's getting her way it's effecting me from being with anybody else and like I've tried dating and it seems like once they realize what's exactly going on they are no-longer interested. So I mean like should I even bother to keep trying?


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  • Don't let them know what's going on between you and your baby mama. It's really none of their business. So date people but keep that part of your life private until it settles down.

    • Yeah I mean I thought about that but like they do ask when he's around or how things are etc of course I got pictures with him on my facebook and stuff and I got kid stuff at my place and of course I gotta tell them I have a kid at least.

  • It's hard of course. I was raised by a single mom of 4 kids, I almost dated a single dad, I would be a single mom right now if I didn't have a miscarriage just last year, and I wouldn't mind dating a single dad. Baby mama drama or not.

    • Thanks for the comment, I mean I am glad to hear someone actually say that.

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    • Oh yeah my dad was abusive as well and liked to cheat and other things, it's something I always been against and I am sorry to hear by the way but I mean I actually was raised to be a better man than that and I hope one day can make someone happy and be a family.

    • Same here.

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