Should I give her some sort of a hint about my condition?

I have met a girl online and we both live in the same city :)
This is my first time that I have met a girl and now she has called me to her place this weekend for spending a day with her.
Maybe things might turn hot or maybe not but still, I am worried since I am a very hairy middle eastern guy and she is an English girl. And I mean I am very hairy. We have had video chats and she really liked my face and beard :) , luckily , but I never opened up about me being a rather very hairy guy.
So? Should I tell her and ask about her views in it or be safe and shave and then goto her place without asking her?


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  • May be she will like it, be confident

    • ๐Ÿค”๐Ÿ™„ why would any girl like it , lol.
      You are a girl, put yourself in her place!

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    • You are right

    • @asker nah, mostly girls dislike overly hair.

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  • well bro nothing a trimmer can't fix, buy a trimmer and start using it most guys are not really hairless but they trimm their hair.

    • Hey thanks dude :)

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    • it does not bother some women but you are right its more expected to be at least trimmed, I prefer trimmed I think

    • you're welcome not problemo iam a guy and guys have more hair , even women have hair, those smooth guys are not naturally hairless it takes time and effort to control your hair growth but it can be done easily using a trimmer , after all you're a guy no need to be hairless but all you need is to be less hairy and a trimmer is a great option.

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  • She could probably go either way. Id say whatever you like shell most likely like just as she does you.

    • It could be better if I let her know , or else it might shock her?
      Most girls are so rude here , I don't know why so.
      Is being very hairy sort of unacceptable?

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    • So much mature!

    • @multilevel lol I've got awhile to go but i try to integrate different perspectives.

  • Shave it, or better yet wax it. If we girls can do it, you can do it too, it's only fair.

  • Guaranteed that she knows you could play Sasquatch's body double already.

    • Lol, why saying like this? Just because I have a beard? I guess almost ever guy grows facial hair!
      Why poking fun?

    • If she's seen the backs of your hands unless they've been preoccupied with your penis during your video chats, she can guess that you're basically Bigfoot.

    • Wtf why would my hands be Bigfoot? It seems you are used to bigfoots :) :D hahahabab

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  • Dude better shave it :)


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