How does a man in his early 20s find a woman who is looking for a relationship?

It sometimes seems that hook up culture has replaced dating. Besides school (I'm done with undergrad), I'm wondering where to meet women in their early 20s or late teens who are looking for serious relationships, not hookups. I've never believed in hooking up and, quite frankly, would not have sex until deep into a relationship. I'm looking for women with a similar mindset, but it seems like few women in their early 20s feel the same way I do.


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  • Weird. I'm the same way. But I'm stuck.

    • People with our mindset might be in the minority now. I guess by late 20s/early 30s people who used to hook up might start settling down, but I really wouldn't want to date someone who spent her youth fooling around. We would be too different of people, even if she is looking for something serious now.

    • Exactly. Having my "fun" 'n' "hooking up" is one of the phases I've skipped. Same with partying hard 'n' getting trashed. I guess when I see people do those things, I think about how much they might jeopardize their future.

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  • Churches, civic organizations, friends, online dating

    • My friends only know girls who hook up and online dating hasn't worked for me. Maybe I should try church. I've never been comfortable in Bible study settings, but maybe that's the only place I'll be able to meet the types of girls I'm interested in. What do you mean by civic organizations?

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    • What is the problem with online dating?

    • Online dating just hasn't ever worked for me.