My date is shy and awkward but he just asked to have sex?

I'm gonna keep this short. This guy is pretty polite, we met on an app and he was pretty cute and fun. He seems kind of awkward, especially because when I send winky faces or suggestive things he doesn't really respond in the same way, but I think it's because he is shy because he has shown signs of liking me. We have already met, and he was really nice but there were some awkward silences, not much flirting or smiling or eye contact on his end, but we still held hands and kissed.
Things seem to be going really slow because we haven't actually made out, and he seems really shy so he doesn't really flirt. We are meeting up tomorrow for drinks and he just asked me over text if I want to spend the night with him.

I am really confused because this seems very fast seeing as we are not really comfortable with each other yet. If I tell him I don't want to it's going to make everything awkward.


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  • Yea... fucking was the plan from the start. he's not shy, he's just not interested in you and just wants to fuck.
    trust me.
    you have noted down at least 3 signs of that. i mean, would a shy person ASK you to take that kind of a huge step? think about it.
    this is the end game... he has endured all the "lovey-dovey" "lets talk" bullshit that women like at first... now its time for what he came for lol...
    he's good, i have to admit... he got you hooked. sigh... good ol' days... lol.

    • Yeah I'm thinking this as well. It's just that there's loads of women willing to have sex, it's tinder. I'm really surprised he has shot down any attempt at sexy talk I have made, would he not be like "cool this chick is dtf" if I was being flirty? Man it's bullshit

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    • Ha, I was joking.

    • it crossed my mind... but i seen some people on here be stupid enough to do that... that was just in case.
      say the truth keep it concise..."changed my mind" period... if asked why..."things changed"... what things? "its personal" bam... done.

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  • Just tell him "I'd rather not spend the night just yet, we hardly know each other. But I am looking forward to seeing you again"

  • He just wants quick sex. I say move on.