How to communicate with guys? Why is it so hard?

I feel like I am the only one driving conversations now a days.

Not trying to be mean. But this is pretty much the case with most of the men I encounter online. In person, men never approach me. And any time I approach a guy he has a girlfriend, literally every time.

I'm a nice person, really I am! I'm very sweet, I have a full-time job and am very sociable. I've worked incredibly hard to get to where I am. I just don't understand how people can be so aloof now a days and not eager to communicate?

I started talking to this guy online and everything was going well. He seemed interested, then all of a sudden he stopped being interested. He's barely messaging me, and he made plans for a date the last time we talked for 3 weeks from now.

Shouldn't he be asking me questions? Shouldn't he be asking for my number?

I have no problem volunteering it. But like guys are either wanting me to meet them 5 minutes after we started talking (and demand my number!) or they don't even bother. I don't get it. Am I doing something wrong?

I'm super friendly when I am talking to them and I ask all about them. I will ask them if they hvae a big family, what their hobbies are and what kind of food they like. But they never ask me anything.


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  • It's an art that is dieing. The ability to communicate have a conversation.
    So many people do so much social media but no one is actually talking to each other. It's just browsing chit chat. I still love going to the bar or coffee shop and meeting a total stranger male or female. Then just talking to them about anything. It's so often that people have lead such interesting lives or are embarking on new things. The trick is to ask about them and not talk about yourself till they ask.


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  • you have so many expectations... back up a little bit. let the guy you are talking to have a chance to bring something up.

    • But if I do that, he doesn't talk at all and the conversation dies completely :(

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    • Thanks, I'll try that next time!

    • very welcome darling... i'll be here any time.

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  • When guys attempt to approach women online, they don't do it one at a time. Instead, they talk to multiple women, till one of them agrees to go out with them.