I'm so terrible at talking to women. I really hope to date this girl and the semester is about a month and a half from being over. please help me lol?

I am the fucking worst at women. I'm almost 20 in a community college. I have never had a girlfriend so I lack experience. I think i'm a nice guy. My best friend always says he confused as to why I haven't gotten a girlfriend because he says im pretty boy. Not to sound cocky or egotistical but I think i'm an okay looking guy and girls shoot looks for show of interest. But I ALMOST never make a move because I suck so bad at talking to girls. Its the story of my love life. People always tell me to be myself and let it come natural. But I could barely do small talk! I try my best to ask the questions that dont have just yes or no answer. When one subject is over its always just "Oh thats cool". Then i make the girl uncomfortable because I have trouble coming up with something else to say. there's this very beautiful girl in my class that I just barely built the courage to talk to. Weve spoke a few times but that last time which was the longest convo we had because we were finally just sitting at a table, she notice i was having trouble talking about stuff because of the short awkward silences. I told her straight up that i have always sucked at talking to girls. And she just laughed a little and said "oh its okay". There were times where she noticed i was just thinking quielty, she would giggled a bit and so did I. But what angers me is that its probably the only time ill make her laugh. My sense of humor suuuuucks. I don't have that thing where i just naturally say funny or silly stuff without even trying like i wish I did. I know i don't have to be a fucking comedian but the bottom line is that ALMOST every girl wants a guy that will make her laugh/smile. Its like that quote "Funny guys make you fall in love with them without noticing." The only reason im still gonna be able to talk to this girl is because she's so cool and chill, but its obvious as fuck that there's no way in hell she sees me a future boyfriend. So far I'm coming off as pure friend material.


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  • Bud, you need a self-esteem boost... that's all. Talking to women will eventually come naturally. My buddy used to be the same way. His problem was that he didn't have anything interesting to say. He's good looking, but had never done anything interesting. So, I forced him to take up some of my hobbies so that he would have stories to tell - got him scuba certified, took him surfing, etc.
    Funny enough, a few months later he met a girl who he was attracted to. According to him, he just spoke about diving and surfing. She loves water sports, so they had a ton to talk about. They've been dating for 4 years now.

    I've never really been the type to overthink how to speak with women. If I have a question, I ask it. From there, it's simply a matter of responding to each other's responses.

    Get a conversation started, show her respect, and enjoy each other's company.

    • I think that even if I have stuff to talk about, I still know the fact that most of anything i say isn't gonna make her laugh.

    • You think too little of yourself. Don't make it your goal to make her laugh. Just make her smile. If the opportunity to say something witty or funny comes up, take it.

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  • Just ask her out...

    • I think there's a 90% chance she would say no at the moment. I need to build at least a little chemistry.

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