Girls, Girls what does it say about me?

If I'm on dating sites and no girls my age reply but literally everyone I messaged that was 33 or 34 responded

Thanks for opinions


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  • Do you look older than you are?

    • No actually I look younger

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    • Sorry for the results you're getting :/
      Thank you for mho

    • No it's cool at least some women act like I exist

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  • I would not take this to heart. Perhaps you appear mentally mature or more rational than that of younger guys. Perhaps you carry an air of responsibility. I honestly cannot tell, as little information has been provided. However, I am sure you need not fret over this.

    • It just makes me shake my head

    • But I'm also more mature

  • I guess there is more competition for younger girls. I wouldn't take it personally, I doubt it's about you.

    • So just date a women older or give up dating

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    • Your not going to get quality online especially if you have some social issues. Too much competition for the quality girls. Confidence is very important to women so I would work on that.

    • Well that's what I look like and I'm not so much complaining about it cause it still feels good that these women want me I just find it strange the way I attract those women. Compared to ones my age