How do I fix it?

I went to Alamosa to see this guy I had been talking to for about a month. I met him about a year ago when he was seeing my ex's sister and he tried to talk to me then but I kind of pushed him off because of the distance. I booked a hotel with one of my girlfriends and met up with him and his buddy when I got there. We started drinking early in the afternoon. I did a few shots and started gettin a little wasted. I kept trying to have sex with him but he'd say "let's go have some fun." We went back to my hotel and chilled in the hot tub until it closed then me my friend, the guy, and his buddy all went back to the room and drank more. Him and I had sex and I was so wasted so I don't remember much of it. His buddy got mad at my friend and they left. I texted him the next morning apologizing to him for being so trashy because that is not who I am. He said to not worry about it, next time we will just stay sober and he wants to keep it between us because it looks trashy on both our sides. He's amazingly good looking, great personality, very caring, funny, super smart, ambitious, and has girls always wanting him. I texted him and asked if I could have a second chance to show him the real me and he had a lot of fun and wants me to have fun next time I come down but doesn't show much interest ever since. I want to try to make a relationship work but ever since I went down there 4 days ago he has been kind of short. He snapchats me random stuff but doesn't really reply when I snapchat him back. I would like to do a redo and be able to show him that I don't just sleep around. Guys is there anyway to fix it and get a chance with him?


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  • He is not interested in being in a relationship with you. He simply wanted to have fun with you.

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