Can you always imagine yourself with someone you like?

You feel like you really like someone, but you can't imagine yourself kissing them or whatever? (Kind of like it would be really weird. Not all things seem weird, but some.) Would you ask them out anyway? Do you just get over it? Difficult?


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  • I've felt similar feelings for a girl, and it's usually cause there's no direct impact from them on you; they don't really speak to you that much and hence do not really grab your attention AND they're usually 'out of your league' (even though this is just a thought in your mind). I'm guessing it's the same case here: you feel slightly attracted to him, but since he doesn't really show any interest signs and you consider him to be unapproachable it doesn't really trigger any inner feelings. It is weird, indeed, and I'm just sharing my experiences. I too have felt extremely attached for some people, and recently just kinda 'like' this person, but don't really picture myself with her because of said factors.

    • Oh, never thought of that. But yeah he is kinda difficult to approach, though he doesn't seem like he's be bothered talking to me.

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    • But do you really wanna wait and watch him go while you suffer the dilemma of whether he liked you or not, or try and approach him for a possible awesome relationship? That's something I usually tell myself but never follow.

    • No way! I invited him somewhere 2 weeks ago but he said he was busy and asked for a raincheck so I waited a week to see if he'd say anything but he didn't, so it looks like I have to activly seek him. I want to ask him to hang out between classes but I wouldn't know what to do so I'm hesitant. And I want to talk to him more but I don't want to text him cuz I feel like I'm bothering him (he rarely answers) and I don't want to call cuz I don't really know him.

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  • Hmm... I would likely not ask them out. That would probably mean that I like them a lot as a person but have no physical attraction.


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