How I'll tempered is your girlfriend/boyfriend/wife/husband?

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A lot of people (only the ones I know) tell me I'm mean or a duchebag/dick. Thing is it's more than likely true but I can't help it if my happiness comes in a slightly more "rude" form. Its not so bad that I don't get along with my friends or anything like that (I'll take them out to eat, make them things, drive them where ever, accompaly them to a destination if they want company, lend money, whatever).

However, I worry that I'm never going to get along in a relationship because of my personality. I'm nice to strangers, but when I relax with people I know, I'm kinda mean. I want to know how much this actually bothers people. How likely are you to get along long-term with someone like this? I'm a gemini if this lays any ground work for people who care.


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  • Everyone is different but I doubt that many can happily live with someone who is often rude or even mean to them. Why is being this way central to your happiness?

    • Not sure. Chemistry? Honestly, it's probably because that's how I grew up. My parents say a lot of mean things and I took that as normal so when I talk to people I know I end up saying mean things because I feel like I don't have to hide anything and pretend around them. I actually found out a few years ago that this bothers some people. :< kinda sad but I didn't notice till someone said something. Only thing is being nice all the time makes me tense and anxious.

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    • Limiting contact with strangers. That means limited time alone with people who are not used to you. Better to have someone who can help you moderate your responses to strangers until you can better moderate yourself.

    • Oh. Yeah. I'm pretty good with strangers. Only in a while something comes across wrong but most of the time I don't say anything. Its hard to limit contact since I work as a cashier but the less I say the better I believe

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  • My boyfriend is pretty chill. It takes a lot to piss him off, but I have seen him yell out of frustration with work and stuff. It makes me a little uneasy to see it.
    I grew up in a house with a lot of yelling and stuff and it makes me nervous when people tell a lot around me. I try to surround myself with people who don't get angry easily.


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