Does it drops my sex appeal tremendously and makes me least date-able?

If i am a seriously hairy guy , do i have almost zero sex appeal to the girls and makes me totally undate able?
Be frank and totally honest. ok?


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  • Possibly. Does it look bad? Like a bear?

    • Obviously it looks bad, do you think it would look good? Imagine twice thicker hair than a woman's groin all over the body of a man.

    • D: shave that man! You can solve this problem!!
      Some people are really hairy and make it work... doesn't sound like you're working it though

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  • Surely some girls dont care about it all , now i won't add that women like it , since its a thing that can't be liked , sadly dude.


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  • Nope there's billions of women odds are a few million are only into hairy men

    • are normal sane and decently looking women acceptable about it?

    • I don't know probably but now you're the one being judgmental

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