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So I saw a girl in class, and I started talking to her, but she was giving the signs (giving yes or no answers) that she wanted me to leave her alone. So I left her alone. Sso Thursday I started talking to an older lady who was in the class. We were talking about how everyone should learn another language. I told her how I speak 4 languages, and how I totally agreed. She went on talking about how both her son and husband speak Spanish. Anyways we walked into class together and I sat with her, and this girl who kept giving me the cold shoulder sat RIGHT between us, and contributed to our conversation. The lady asked after class if I knew her, and I said barely. She commented on how strange it was. Like wtf? Why would she give me the cold shoulder then sit with me, and talk to me?


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  • ... I wouldn't necessarily call the girl giving you yes or no answers as a sign that she wanted you to leave her alone. Maybe she had something else on her mind, then found the conversation you were having with the other lady to be interesting, hence felt like adding her own two cents.

    You seem to be over analyzing this situation a bit much.


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