How can I ask my boyfriend to pay for more things? Why won't he pay more often is this normal?

I've been with my boyfriend for almost three months. In the beginning he took me out on dates like dinner and lunch and always insisted to pay. Since then it has been more 50/50. I'm feeling like he hasn't really treated me to anything in a while. We both work and it's not that I expect him to pay for more but it would be nice if he treated me once in a while. I have a car and he doesn't I end up having to spend on gas driving us. He never offers to pay for gas. We went to my parents the other day and I bought the bottle of wine and the food to bring he didn't even offer to pay for anything. He just said I'll owe you a diner after this. I'm just used to guys offering a bit more. He works in sales and he told me the big chunk of his cheque comes in only quarterly. Should I talk to him about him contributing more at this point or should I wait a bit more and see. How could I bring this up I don't want to create a big fight? Also if he isn't paying all that much does that mean he doesn't really like me enough?


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  • " and it's not that I expect him to pay for more"
    -From the looks of it. You do.

    This is how it's supposed to be. You're not a princess.


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  • My opinion is probably unpopular, but why would you want him to contribute more than he does? He already pays his share. According to what you said, you're both contributing.
    Why do you feel entitled to being treated by him? It's not like it's mandatory for the guy to pay all the time. Times have changed.


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  • He is trying to find out if you are a gold digger, or actually like being with him. He wants to find out if you are into him, or just his money. If you both work, then why have YOU not treated him to dinner, like he did to you early on in your relationship? Why would HE buy wine and food to go to YOUR parents house? I think you are sending a clear message to him that your materialism means more than he does. Easy way for us guys to know when we need to move on, Some guys are desperate enough that they will put up with it, but most guys with class dont. Sounds like he is a lucky guy to see this side of you before the relationship went any further!

    • lol first of all I have treated him several times to diner and lunch.

    • Not stated in your post. It sounds like you are not happy being with him, so why dont you move on to a rich guy that can spend all the money YOU want him to spend?

    • Chivalry belief that its the gentleman that needs to invite.

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