Guys, what should I do?

i have a boyfriend and I really like him but ever since he first day after he asked me to be his girlfriend I've wanted to break up w him just bc I feel weird, I don't like the fact of being his girlfriend. We've been dating for a month now and I told him about this... But he doesn't know there's also this other guy I met 4 days ago, and I really like him. The excuse my boyfriend knows about is: I don't want to have a boyfriend, but I do wanna be this other guys girlfriend... My boyfriend has been very understanding and he gave me some time to think about what I want and what I think it's better for me. So, my question is, what should I do? Should I break up with him or not? I don't wanna break up w him because of this other guy, but I have to confess it has become part of the reasons why I want to break up... HELP ME PLEASE! I feel so confused!


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  • If you're going to be tempted by other guys to this level, you're probably not with a guy you feel strongly enough about in that kind of romantic/sexual way.

    It's better not to prolong the misery of yourself and to string this guy along and make things more painful to him by breaking up sooner than later.

    He might be a wonderful and sweet guy but you can't control love. Love often doesn't reward fairness. It rewards mutual attraction.

    • So I should break up w him?

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    • Cheers. Note that it can still be kind of scary to end things. You get used to having someone around, and the choice is to venture separately and risk being alone. But it's only by setting both of yourselves free that you get that chance to find someone with whom that level of attraction is mutual.

  • Break up !
    Is something you should definitely do


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  • You should break up with him. You no longer want him and it's not fair to both of you.

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