Thoughts on plenty of fish?

i recently signed up for plenty of fish and I was just wondering if anyone had any thoughts on the site.

not to sound cocky, but I am a pretty good looking guy-- I have dated attractive women and have girls tell me I am very cute, interesting, etc.

however, when it comes to this site all of the girls that message me are unattractive and only about 1/5th of the girls I message get back to me. I can't figure out what's up.

does anyone have any suggestions or similar experiences on this site? I try to send original messages, but at this point I'm just confused.

what bothers me even more is that I'll be talking to a girl and she will just stop responding. it's not that I said anything dumb, she just doesn't answer my questions or get back to me.



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  • yeah I tried it a bit last year and still have an account there but don't really use it much anymore .

    i found it easy to find profiles of girls I liked there but impossible to get them to reply and even if they did reply they wouldn't even give me there number and nothing would ever happen with them , so I guess I just got frustrated with the whole thing


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  • well one thing for sure, people who can't get date (for whatever reason, personality, looks, etc) go online si they can hide something. I personally don't think online dating is good. it normally doesn't have good results anyway.


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  • not really a dating site, more a dating advice site.. but good luck dude.

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