Women think with emotions, men think with logic my current situation?

Me and my ex of 2 years broke up in December 2 weeks after the break up she's already in a new relationship. She left me for him.

i have respect for my self so I know to walk away and not even bother with someone like that.

so a month and a half of no contact she reaches out, talking about nothing yada yada. I end with "we haven't talked since the break up I don't know why your contacting me now".

(ALL CONTACT WAS STARTED BY HER) we didn't speak again to February. She contacted me about 13 times. Like then we didn't talk for 2 weeks straight.

2 days ago she randomly texted me out the blue saying "can you block me on everything", and it left me confused because she has me blocked on everything since we broke up. Then she started asking me random questions about my life, if I was dating anybody, my family, etc. Talked for about 3 minutes then I told her I had to go.

fast foward to today she texted me "happy Easter" we talked a little and she ask "are you over me" I asked her it back "are you over me" she says "yes I am"...

i wanted to ask her if she's over me then why she keeps contacting me yano.


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  • It's confusing even I don't understand.

    • Ditto. Like we don't talk period, unless you reach out to me. Other then that I'm confused

  • Then ask her

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