My parents or him?

so here i go. I've been talking with this guy for some months and he treated me like a QUEEN , he told me that im matured , that he loves my heart my brain , he compliments me in which way he can. when i was "going crazy" he came to my house and bought what i wanted to eat without asking me and of course i liked it , everytime we met up and after we're done there would be only a minute that i would be away from him cause he will call and say 'let talk in the phone until u reach ur home , just to make sure u're okay' . he's very masculine , protective , sweet , caring. he cares about me the way no one ever had. and i think im falling for him , when i open my eyes in the morning i run to get my phone and there's always a 'good morning my angel ' text. but the PROBLEM is that he wants to get in a serious relationship with me , and i want to very bad , but im 17 and he's 24 and I'm scared to tell my parents that i want to get in a relationship cause if i've never been in a real relationship before and i've sneaked from my house a lot of time to meet up with him and i feel bad about lying to my parents that im "going out with my friends" im scared that they will shout at me and tell me to get over this boy and this would be a night mare.
I don't know what to do :( im stucked in between "going secretly with the boy im fallin and lying to my parents " and " want to tell my parents so i could get out of the house freely without any worries , but with the fear that they might come between us" im screwed up i know. i just want to have both : my parents and him. please tell me what to do. both options of two genders would help me perfectly. my parents are so protective over me and love me so much but im so scared to tell them cause i dont know how they would react. sorry for taking your time <3


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  • if you can't hide this from your parents then take a leap of faith and tell them, maybe they won't say anything against it, or you can ask your parents like this"that if i like a 24 year old guy would you approve of this? if the guy is really mature and decent?" and then see what is your parents reaction.

    • i think that's it. I just need a little more courage which i don't and basing in your opinion it would be the best way to provoke them to know their reaction and then if they're happy about it i'll go on and tell them. but i forgot to write that i told my mom about this guy that i like him and he likes me but i didn't tell her that i met up with him a few times , she kinda liked him for me , but i still think she wouldn't approve of me being in a serious relationship at this age :(

    • hmm, then ask your father as i told you to and see his reaction. and i dont think that your mom will be a problem

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  • If it is a good relationship, you do not need to sneak and do things without your parents knowing. If he doesn't ask to meet your parents, there is a reason why. This guy is too old for you and you are loving the attention and being treated nice but that is not the same thing as being in love.

    • well actually he wanted to meet my parents but i couldn't let him because i was scared and i didn't want him to tell my parents before i could. i just need some push to tell my parents that im interested in this guy and oh im not loving the treating because a lot of guys have been been treating me nice and how i loved to BUT i had 0 interest in them :)

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