What's best ways to start conversation with girls?

What usally girls want boys to start conversation about what do you want to talk about cuz most of my conversation are really boring well at first they are good but they they get really boring any advice on how to start good coversation when texting


Most Helpful Girl

  • What @Hungry_Shark said is good. When you are hanging out with the girl, you can throw a joke, that lightens the mood and we laugh when we think you are genuinely funny. When texting you can usually ask her how her day was, then talk about the things that may interest her, hobbies, likes, new movies,


Most Helpful Guy

  • Stop texting first of all... immediately ask her out on text.
    Just say hey i find u really cute , would u like to go for a coffee?
    If she says... set a date.. if she says no.. just forget about her and walk away...
    Taking the friendship route and being her male girlfriend will lead u nowhere.


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  • By saying hi! If she in college ask her about classes.


What Guys Said 1

  • Call her - it's harder, but way better because nobody does it!!