Is my date being too clingy or just keen?

I went on a second date with a nice girl I met online; we ended up sleeping together (no big deal, that doesn't throw me off) and generally had a good time. Thing is, is that she said she "liked me" the morning after... I found it both rather flattering and unexpected, and I eventually said something along the lines of "I've had a good time, I like you too." Now, I don't know if she's simply expressing her genuine interest or if this is a red flag. She's a very open, straightforward person, whereas I'm quite guarded. On the dates we have talked about some of our past dating history; she had come out of a longterm relationship a few months back and talked about how she "fell out of love." When she was telling me about her last relationship, I joked to her "you're not going to start crying are you?" in reference to a bad date she'd had a couple of weeks ago with a bloke who started sobbing about his ex in front of her. She found my joke funny.

Nevertheless, she's never come across as clingy; she gives me space and doesn't constantly text me. She's a nice girl; attractive, polite, kind and has good intentions, and I believe her openness is simply her personality. But then again, people can see it differently from the outside, hence my posting on here. I'm not looking for a friends with benefits, and neither is she, so I want to make sure she's worth seeing again.

My main questions are: she hasn't been in the dating field for a long time, so maybe this is all quite new again? Or is she being desperate? Should I persue her still?

Please help.


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  • If you feel she is than voice it!


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  • Look bro,,, u hooked up with her on 2nd date.. u have played it extremely right.
    And u are letting her doing the calling and texting and its awesome.
    Now she is starting to fall in love with u...
    if u keep dating her and hooking up with her.. after 3-4 dates... she will be head over heels in love with u and will ask u to be exclusive.
    Its upto u to decide... well if a woman says "i like u" after hooking up its completely normal...
    She is out of a long term relation which means her emotions will still be raw and her ex will still be in her mind... nevertheless if u do what ur doing.. she will feel attraction for u.
    Date her for few months before falling into relationship shit.

    • That's rubbish advice. He shouldn't expect the girl to be the one doing all the texting and calling; its a two-way street. I doubt this girl is going "fall in love" as this person so eloquently put it. That's ridiculous. She's over her ex, otherwise she wouldn't have agreed to see you. She sounds keen, and not clingy, which is good for you as you know she's interested. At the end of the day, its up to you how you feel about her and if you want to see her again. Good luck.

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    • Woah timeout, guys.
      Personally, I'm curious about why I should let her do all the texting and contacting. That would make me look like a jerk. I didn't plan on "playing with her." I'm not that type of guy. Has that worked for you?

    • @LaurenGrace please message me... I need your help... I m New to girlsaskguys... I haven't reached upto xpert2+ ... I can't message you... please text me madam... seriously NEED HELP... please

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  • Your details suggest that she is not being clingy at all or desperate, maybe you are trying to sabotage things

  • After ending a long term relationship, it can be difficult sometimes to get back into the dating gear. She seems like a nice lady and you both seem to hit it off well, so take a chance and see where it goes!


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