A boyfriend dissapeared 5 days no contact. All of a sudden? What to do?

MY boyfriend AND I. BEEN 2 MONTHS TOGETHER. and last 2 weeks had the strongest connection. last time we met and spoke was 5 days ago. everything was fine when met and we had a good time. we make out when we want. said he loved me & want me. on 22nd there is no contact. not answering my calls. i thought he needs space. i tried to contact him 24th. nothing. i left him the 25th. it was sudden.
so i let my friend on insta to follow him. and so he accepted. he followed bck. and started to chat with him. he talked normal winking. asked if was in relation he said no. but he still have our pic on insta. the next day i told him i had enough. dissapearing for 4 days was too much and i was worry though. he didn't reply. i told him about insta. he laughed. i told him he coud tell me wts wrong. and i told him its over. he added a sad status that he is not ok from inside. told him t remove our pic. and so he blocked me from social media. my friend still see our pic. and no contact from him. i dont know wts wrong. i didn't do him wrong. will he b back? i feel bad about myself. i loved him

Why he dissapeared? Is it normal? But he didn't even reply me with anything or even tell me any reason... 😢


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  • Disappearing acts are a big bad sign...
    He is clearly cheating on you... And Flirting with other girls...
    2 months is nothing...
    He laughed when you told him about insta means he is clearly trying to hide it... After getting caught red handed...
    I say you better run away from this guy... He is a jerk

    • I already closed the door. I told him that i dont want him... and that am not his girlfriend anymore
      i was not acting needy in the message i sent him..
      and yes he thought id never do that.. bcs he knows um old enough for doing this... am 29
      but i hate being fooled.. and my friemd helped me
      thanks for the advice :)

    • No problem stay strong ! :-)

  • he left you... told others he was single, and laughed at you when you brought it up.

    And you feel bad?

    I need a woman like you, clueless.

    • I feel bad for myself.. bcs i didn't betray him
      i was good with him... and on the 21st of march we were good... no fights... nothing

      So u think am the one to blame?
      He coud say it to my face...

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    • Aw ok yes... i followed u...
      and now i need to have 2+ lol

    • Lol. I msgd you

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