Boyfriends dad died, didn't invite me to funeral with him?

I've been seeing my now boyfriend for about a year now. His dad died about a month ago whom he didn't have a close relationship with him AT ALL. They didn't have a funeral for him but this upcoming Saturday they are having a special mass for him... shouldn't I be going? When he mentioned it to me, he also mentioned that his buddy from work was going. So I was like "am i going with you babe?" And he was just like "no it's okay babe" and i said that i wanted to go. He just replied that his family is weird and stuff and immediately dropped the topic.

Why doesn't he want me to go.. why would he be having his buddy from work going but not his girlfriend of a year? Is he embarrassed of Me? Or am i just not important enough to go?
Im confused.. dont know if I'm making it out to be more then it is.. I was gonna mention it to him again..

  • mention it to him again,,
  • just drop it..
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What Guys Said 2

    so what man? u are not his wife... why should he invite u? its not some fucking party..
    the guy lost his father... stop fuckin thinking so much and support him

  • if he doesn't want you to go, trust me, it's probably for the best.


What Girls Said 1

  • Drop it.

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