When a guy says "Okay Sure" ?

I told him to let me know if he can or can't meet up before___. (after I asked what days he is avalible and then said he has to see if he has things he gotta do in school) Then responded with " Okay sure" Is he not interested in meeting me or something? He told me before he would like to meet me and I asked him before and he seemed distant when I did. This time he still seems distantce. Does he not want to meet or shy or something else? Opinions?


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  • He simply means okay I'll let you know. And that's really all.
    Don't look to into guys texts. They usually mean what they put. When it comes to texting guys don't usually look hard into what there typing unless they really like you. But even then it isn't something you should look really hard into.
    My boyfriend types this all the time and I think it's a bit lower than saying yes but he doesn't see it any different than okay sure.
    If you don't end up making plans like you'd like. He might have forgot or is nervous to ask you. So if you want text him,"hey you still wanna hang out? If so let's make plans." Sweet and simple
    I wish you luck and I hope this helps!

    • I feel like sometimes he's not interested, like one time we haven't talked for a week or so and then I asked him a question and I was short with him as well and then the next day he asked me another question.. is it ok if I send you a message of the back story?

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    • Ok I followed you

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  • he's mostly really passive AF lol I can only tell cause that exactly how I answer 89%-98% of my questions if I'm not comfortable giving a straight answer. It gets so bad my S/O punches me when I can't make up my mind about what she should make for a night a her place.

    Just be patient smile and seem happy and try to be calm and a little talkative.

  • He sounded uncertain. Try to meet him and ask politely.

    • Did I sound rude? I didn't mean to.

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    • Oops sry wrong place😅

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