Girls, what would you do if a woman kicked your boyfriend in the balls and he was then unable to have kids?

Say, your boyfriend had not done anything wrong and the woman had an argument with him and kicked him in the balls.

  • I would not care.
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  • I would ask her why she did it.
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  • I would not care about her reason for doing it, I would sue her ass.
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  • I think, if you could prove a girl hit a man hard enough for him to not be able to have kids (I don't know much about it, but I"m assuming it'd have to be VERY hard because guys hit themselves in the balls all the time and are still fine), then that would be cause for some sort of compensation/law suit. Because obviously she didn't lightly tap. So I may seek a lawyers advice because I want kids and I"d be bloody pissed off ha.

    • Good to see most of you women would stick up for your man.

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    • Yeah I study science and am still highly skeptical of that fact, even having read the studies. But I do believe it is very very painful.

    • Oh, I believe that fact. However, I guess if a person is not the gender they can't know for sure as you can't feel pain for someone else.

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  • Wouldn't sue but would file an assault charge.

    • Do you think the police would do anything?

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    • @Fairy21 did you see my message above your last message.

    • @Fairy21 Women in society need to be held responsible for bad things they do, so if insult a man then they should get the same punishment men do and women that lie about rape should go to jail.