Are there any good online dating sites around?

Anyone know of some decent online dating sites? I used OKC with little success, POF with even less sucess, Tinder with no success and Match. com with yeah you ain't gonna get anything here success.

I'm from Ontario, Canada as well. So that may play a tiny role in itself, I know there are a lot of decent females out there on OKC, but most seem to be in US. I don't have any fetishes that would put me into a niche dating category ex: furry. Nor am I of minority, I'm European (White).

Any sites worth a shot?


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  • I'm in Canada too, Alberta to be precise and the only ones I have used are POF and Tinder. I do still have a POF account but it's private and hidden and I barely use it because it's always the same old guys on there. I've went on dates and even dated a few guys from there but it's pretty boring. As for Tinder , I had it for like a week and realized it sucked. I just didn't like how things were set up and how you interacted with people. I haven't used any other ones

    • Yeah POF demographics don't change much, you get the odd new people but it's mostly same users. Will agree Tinder sucks, well at least if your a decent looking person and have normal photos.

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  • I used POF back in the day and that's how I found my sons mother originally and it was good, but nowadays it seems to be more about hook ups and yeah it's just not worth it.

    Tinder is the best bet in my city I've realized speaking to a few girls I know the only downfall is most girls on it are yeah interested in hook ups or friends with benefits and if you're trying to actually date like myself than it's not really what you're looking for but I mean i been told just take the shot because more than anything they could fall for you and end up dating.

    • I found my ex on OKC. POF yields no results for me, my boss however ended up getting married with a girl he met on POF about 2 years ago, but the guy was 27+ and you know was more or less stacked. I got 2 matches on Tinder, zero replies. I find Tinder to be a waste of time to be honest.

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    • I heard Ottawa got nicer people. I'm from Brampton myself sure it falls under Peel Region and all but I swear there aren't any decent people around, that's until you put a fake picture of your bank account and everyone looses there shit trying to meet you.

    • Lol well I only make like 30,000 a year and I've told girls that and they're completely cool about it lmao I mean I guess maybe should try moving down here? dunno what else to say at this point lol

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  • I am also from Ontario Canada and am having the exact same problem! (is it an Ontario thing? :P) I've been trying for a while on POF and no luck so far.

    I've tried POF in the past, and am currently on it. And I've also tried OK Cupid as well. I'm seriously considering trying a paid site like match.

    Most of the guys I see on POF are from the US, which is odd. It used to be much better. Maybe they changed their matching algorithms?

    • Well people in Ontario aren't as nice as in say Alberta lol, but I suggest you stay away from Match or eHarmony, I found them to be waste of money, full of fake users. Something like Zoosk love to do, when your hit with 3 messages the second you sign up.

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    • I'm sorry to hear that :(

    • LOL. I never understood the "I'm sorry" part. As I always say, well you were not part of it so need to apologize. The lady that hit me should have said that, instead that $&$&$ was saying she did not do anything. Luckily there were like 20+ people running to me, some trying to help other snapping pics lol. Well she got what she deserves "Careless Driving" charge.

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  • How many times will this question be asked?

    Yes. There are some great ones. None that you mentioned.

    • Care to list some?

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    • The most important financial decision you will ever make is whom to marry.

      There are many sweet, loving, sexy, hard working women stuck in poor countries who would be happy to join you. I know one guy, an installation tech who makes about $45k/yr, who found a pretty Filipina with a nursing degree online. They married, had two kids, then once the kids were both in kindergarten (recently), she passed her US nursing license exam and now makes $75k/yr. In 10 years, she will be at about $100k.

      So, here is an average guy who met his dream girl in part because he was wealthier than her, and now she makes more then he ever will. That is what you call a brilliantly executed plan. They are happy too.

    • I don't use them, so I will give you some site names:

      cherryblossoms. com
      asiandating. com (this group has many sites for specific audiences, you can see which ones might fit you)
      cebuanas. com

      There are some for South Americans and Africans too. I don't recommend marrying a Russian woman. They tend to be more materialistic. If you've got it, fine, but if not, you are asking for trouble.

      Be aware of spammers and ladyboys, but there are real women on these sites looking for a guy like you.

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