Men behavior during dating?

Hey guys. I am new to the dating world and I just started talking to this guy a week ago. He tells me that he really likes me and that he wants me to be his girlfriend. Then out of nowhere he stops responding. I sent him two texts the first one went unanswered and the second I asked him if I did something wrong. These two texts were sent on different days. The second text he replied to two hours later. He said that its not me that he is grieving and needs some alone time. See I am not stupid I am pretty sure that means he doesn't like me. I also want to mention that I never texted him first so I wasn't needy or anything.


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  • First thing you need to understand: Men are a dime a dozen. Don't get focused on one too soon. What you should do if you are new to dating is go out with as many guys, as many different kinds of guys, you can find. Funny guys, serious guys, hunky guys, nerdy guys, guys much older than you, guys just out of HS. Your objective is to talk, to get to know them and for you to get to know you. That's it. Don't get all physical, a hug is as far as you should go until you figure things out better.

    After you have been out with ten or twenty guys, you will start to learn about what you like and what you don't, and more importantly, what kind of guy likes you.

    Then, you can start to get to know them more in depth and take it from there.

    Second thing you should know is that guys lie. They will say anything to get into your pants.

    • This is GREAT advice.

    • @Azara This is great advice. Thank you Walter radio.

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  • I agree with Walter -excellent advice - so nothing to add there.

    However, texting first doesn't make you needy,. If a guy loses interest over that , then he is a control freak and thinks he's entitled to behavior you are not , and you're better off rid of him.

    Also, if someone randomly stops texting there's no reason to ask what you did wrong... you know if you did something wrong. obviously you did not. The wrong guy will just agree you did something wrong. Just to fuck with you. Don't assume you're in the wrong when you know you're not.

    • But do you think he is genuinely grieving or do you think he is blowing me off?

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    • right but lets say he's being honest. it turns out his relative just died and he was grieving,. woud you be ok quoth thew way he handled it.

      there a difference between being skeptical about it being true, and being skeptical about how the truth is handled..

    • I'm not sure if it's true. I do like him so I'm hoping he isn't an asshole who is lying to me.