Is he blowing me off?

Starting talking to this guy a week ago. He talked to me till 4 in the morning every night. He told me he really likes me and wants me to be his girlfriend. Out of no where he stops talking to me. I texted him twice. The second text I sent was did I do something wrong. He replied two hours later and said no it's not you I'm grieving and I need alone time. Is he full of shit and blowing me off or is he genuinely grieving?

  • Yes he is a total douche that is full of crap
  • No he is actually grieving and needs space
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  • Just. Dump this douchebag...
    Either he lost interest or he met some other girl or he is just playing games...
    Whatever be the case... Just dont ever text or call him again... He will think of u as needy and desperate.. Have some self respect and move on


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  • When guys come on hit and heavy, there is usually another shoe that will drop off a bit later. Yours just did.


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  • I don't think he is lying. You don't talk to 4 in the morning and tell a girl you want her to be your girlfriend for nothing. At least I wouldn't. Seems like the girls in the poll have different experiences though. I guess the only thing you could do is wait a bit and see. I mean if he's actually griefing it sounds normal not telling you what it's about since you've only been talking for a week. I would give it some time.

  • Well SOMETHING obviously happened. If you don't know what that something is though, we're even more ignorant of it. I don't feel like we know enough to give really give you a solid answer.

    • No I have no idea what happened. If he was blowing me off he could have used anything but the fact that he is grieving.

    • Well, I hope you guys can work it out. Best of wishes.

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