Why does my ex ask me?

The other day my ex asked me if I have been to any new restaurants lately. Was she trying to send a message or was she just trying to make conversation? I felt as though she was trying to find out if I have been going on dates. In the last month she has question me on my dating situation 3x. I told her I was going to the movies tonight and she said "sounds like a date ". This time I called her out and why she keeps trying to find out about my dating situation since she broke up with me. She ended going on saying she's moved on and is only interested in being friends. She reversed it on me saying that I haven't let go of the past and she's only asking as a friend. I feel as though she isn't being truthful about moving on and may still have feelings. I believe she doesn't want to admit she misses me.


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  • Sounds like it to me

    • Is it normal for exes to ask ea h other about their dating life with just truly a friend basis?

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    • Yes all the times were as follows:

      1). I told her I went to the movies and she asked me if I went with my girlfriend. I don t have one but I felt it weird for her to assume that. 2) she asked me if I had a valentines this year. 3) I told her another night I was going mini golfing. She asked me if I was going with friends. I felt she was trying to figure out if I was going with another girl plus she reminisced about the last time she went mini golfing was with Me 2 years prior. 4) I mentioned I wanted to go hiking at this place she told me about before and she asked if i was going solo. 5). Asked if I've been to any new restaurants today 6). Ask me if I was going on a date because I told her I was going to see a movie tonight

    • Yeah, she's really searching. If she was over you she wouldn't be so interested. Its possible she still likes you but doesn't want to admit it since she broke up with you.

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  • I personally think you need to get rid of her for a little bit, because clearly both of you still have feelings but clearly she's confused about what she wants and the only way it's going to fix is if she does her own thing. So the best thing you can do is simply get rid of her and just let her know that you need time for yourself as you're busy nowadays.

    I would just start enjoying life and not focus on her and in a couple of months I mean if you still feel interested in her than so message her and just have a casual conversation and see whats up.

    Because right now it seems all you're doing is wasting your time and she's just trying to figure out if you're still interested into her, while she's confused and keeps doing her own thing knowing she's still got you as a backup plan. So I would remove that option and simply get rid of yourself for a couple of months and than if you are still wanting to be with her than go speak to her, if not I suggest not being friends as it just seems like a waste of time and going to end sooner or later.

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