Does my ex want me?

Briefly saw this girl but she got upset with me 2 months after she ended things when she went through my phone and saw I was talking to other women. We stopped seeing each other so I was shocked when she went through my phone.

1). I told her I went to the movies and she asked me if I went with my girlfriend. I don t have one but I felt it weird for her to assume that. 2) she asked me if I had a valentines this year. 3) I told her another night I was going mini golfing. She asked me if I was going with friends. I felt she was trying to figure out if I was going with another girl. 4) I mentioned I wanted to go hiking at this place she told me about before and she asked if i was going solo. 5). Asked if I've been to any new restaurants today

The last time we spoke she mentioned something about caring about me and it has been two weeks since we ve talked. I ve made a point to not text and pursue her since I ve been looking at videos on how to get her back. But how come she disappeared now? I also noticed a couple weeks ago she tweeted " be with the person you are passionate about".

I ended up texting yesterday and told her I missed her. she acted playfully surprised that I missed her by saying " little ole me?". Then we just caught up a bit but she doesn't seem to make an effort to initiate contact now. And now sometimes when I text her she doesn't respond right away and sometimes calls me bro or pal.

Today I called her out on it by when she asked me if I was going on a date because I told her I was going to the movies tonight. She got defensive and told me that our era was over and that she has moved on and was only interested in being friends. She said I was being emotional and bringing up the past. I told her that she keeps asking me about my dating ssituation. Somehow I do not believe she is being entirely truthful about moving on and may still have feelings for me.

She messaged me today to ask how my night was too.


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  • She definitely has feeling for you. Its no feeling its OBVIOUS.. lol good luck

    • Well she said that she has moved on and that I am still being bitter about the past. She said she is only looking for friendship and that our era is over

    • Yeah I highly doubt she's moved on. Thats like overnight..

    • Well it's been since August but we have communicated here and there. She sounded very definitive though when she said our era is over.

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