Said he wasn't cheating but on social media he interacts with this one girl the most... Should I worry?

He's super busy lately so he hasn't messaged me as much (yesterday we were on the phone for an hour though). I thought he was seeing someone else and he said no and apologised for making me feel like he was ignoring me. Anyway I've noticed this one girl come up a lot on his Facebook - he's "loved" one of her selfies and likes random photos of her and her friends, funny videos she posts and she likes his videos back. Should I worry? He's already said he isn't cheating and it's great when we are together in person just texting/ contact in between these times has fallen short the past 2 weeks


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  • Well, just because he is interacting with another female doesn't mean he is cheating or is trying to cheat on you, I mean if the interaction is just normal, he talks to the other girl like a gentleman, uptight, straightforward, then you shouldn't worry about that.

    However yes if the conversations are very flirty or if he sexting with her, then yes there is every sign that indicates towards the fact that he might cheat on you, in that case it might indicate his intent to cheat on you, only then you need to worry, otherwise not.

    Hence without you seeing his messages on facebook ( that is if you can somehow get the access), it will not be possible for you to say anything, you will only be making guesses or you need to confront him directly and ask him face to face, hopefully he tells you the truth.

    However do you trust him? how long have you known him?

    • I've asked him directly and he said no, I've known him about 18 months and we've been seeing each other that long

    • Ok, so 18 months means you must know him quite well and so I suppose you can trust him when he says so.

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