Why did he suddenly stop showing interest in me?

2 years ago, a guy liked me and I rejected him. We didn't talk anymore ever since. Then last year I started contacting him, he replied back. Then suddenly he stopped contacting me and showing me an interest 2 months ago. I know he doesn't have a girl friend and he didn't block me on social media. Do you guys think that he just backed off because he is afraid of getting hurt again? What should I do?


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  • Yes, you had rejected him before, so you hurt him, and I think he still remembers that, of course he doesn't want to get hurt by you again, so I think he is backing off.

    • But I showed him an interest and he did back. What makes him suddenly stop?

    • Well, this time he is being 200% cautious so will take things very slow and plus it may take time for him to again like you the same way as he did before.

    • Thanks for the MHO

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  • yeah, he backed off because he's afraid of getting hurt again. he can't trust you anymore.

    • But I showed him interest and he replied back. Why can't he trust me? What is he afraid of? And what should I do?

    • yeah you did showed interest in him and he replied back but after replying you back he must thought that you could reject him again thats why he is afraid. and about what should you do, i think you should pray that he'll be yours because he will never stop being afraid of you, because he dont trust you

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