Girls, Why would you discuss your personal life / personal stories/ personal problems with a random guy you just met, for the first time?

Please select an option that defines your opinion personally.

  • You trust the random guy a lot and see him ONLY as a friend.
    43% (3)
  • You trust the random guy a lot and interested to have sex with him.
    0% (0)
  • You trust any random guy and share your personal information always.
    14% (1)
  • you trust the random guy and want to escalate to having sex and dating him.
    14% (1)
  • Other opinions. (Please specify )
    29% (2)
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What Girls Said 2

  • I believe that's just called making conversation.

    • Thanks :) Why would you trust a random guy , when handling your personal info?

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    • Depends on the situation. Like if I'm stuck with the person then I would just to ease the awkwardness of standing with a stranger.

    • cool !!

  • Who knows? Experiences bind us together. I might not tell him my name but at least he would know me by my story I will tell him.

    He's a random guy I just met so he doesn't know me by my personality.

    • Thanks :) So you see him as a friend only?

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    • Yes, many times

    • what was the reason?