Girls, This may be a horrible question , but is it worth hanging out with Beautiful cousins of the opposite sex?

A while back I befriended cousin and I've known her for years. She is definitley stunning without a doubt and the reason we get along is because we have similar sense of humour and she likes me unlike most of my cousin sisters, she's also a lot younger than me, but nowadays she's changed for the worst. She has a groupie like mentality and follows her friends too much. She feels comfortable around me I think she kinda knows that I love her slightly but obviously being cousins I restrain those feelings, besides; I'm not very attractive and a lot older. But I love hanging around with her and it maybe vain on my part, but I've never got to hung out with people like that so I feel better about myself also we have this realtionship where it's hard to avoid each other. Even if I try she feels upset that I'm ignoring her but not nearly as upset as she is making me feel lately:
It seems everytime I'm with her she's always commenting on attractive men around her without realising that she makes me feel bad about myself, unlike her; I've had a harder life, I grew up with a tougher generation of parents, I never had the freedom she did, and she's always commenting about fat people and balding and is just vain and so judgmental. Also because we're part of an Asian culture she thinks I'll get upset if she were to date a black guy or white guy. I really couldn't careless but she would keep asking me that trying to see if I get upset which is kinda getting annoying. It's bad enough that people of theri own race don't think their own people are good enough but to try and hurt someone by making them feel insuperior to another race/man/culture is just sick.
What should I do? I love her, I can't avoid her, I don't like upsetting her, but she is making me ill.
I'd much rather have the opinion of girls becuase their are a lot of angry MGTOW dudes that are losing the plot as of late because of radicalist feminists who all sound like a broken record. I feel like I have the worst luck.


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  • Cousin cousin? Or second or third cousin? ..

    • First cousin

    • I know it's sick but I'm human, also I never say anything cause of it but feelings are easy to read on people.

    • lol well hey im only attracted to men 10 to 25 years older than me. and so its certainly not anything people would like to hear at this juncture in my life. lol dont say tht.. you're not sick, your human. Were all twisted in different ways. Its just that Nobody wants to admit it.

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  • You should probably try distancing yourself from her as much as you can. It doesn't sound like a healthy situation and seems to bring you more pain than anything else.