Whats his problem?

There is this guy who told me that "No one would believe that you slept with me because I was too pretty for him! If you were not drunk, you will not even have talked to me"

He told this but he still doesn't want to get into any kind of dating scene with me.


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  • This is kinda weird. Never heard. Do you haVe feelings for him?

    • Yes it is. I'll like to know more about him. Is it something related to his emotions?

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    • Lol I'm sorry. I was weird

    • Nah you are not. You are maybe just skeptical about things.

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  • he was drunk.. so.. insecurities came out?

    • I think so. It was just this sentence and no more of insecurities.

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    • maybe he didn't want to step up :D The new guy is much much nicer :)

    • hehe. that's good!

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  • Maybe he feels ugly if not he got some things to prove lol and he using you to do so... I'm guessing

    • I didn't tell him he was good looking or something but I said he made me happy. lol

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