Guys, would your SO's brother/dad/ etc. intimidate you?

Brother, dad, any man who cares for her. And like they have that serious face almost all the time.

  • Yep, they intimidate me like hell
  • They just make me feel the girl has little/no space for one more man in her life
  • No, If I really like the girl, nothing will back me off
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  • I haven't met anyone in my girl's family yet, but I'd love to.

    I have no idea how her father will behave when he meets me, but I'll just be myself (albeit with a hint of nervousness) and hope for the best, try to get along. If a person treats me well, I automatically treat them well too.

  • Dunno. I'll just have to see when I meet them. But I won't go there with the mentality of "oh shit, I hope they don't kill me!" or something like that. I'll just be myself.


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