I Need honest opinions on my girlfriend is she over her ex like she say she is or im just a cover up for now?

Been dating her for 3 months. She was with her last boyfriend for 2 years, she wanted to date 2 weeks after they broke up.

we do live together. We got into an argument so she wanted to go through my phone, so I went through hers and I saw a bunch of questionable stuff.

- i saw she stalked her ex social media EVERYDAY but swore he was blocked ( asked her about it and she said she'll stop)

- she texts him under a fake name. She admitted she reaches out to him 100% of the time.

- I asked her if "she's over him" she said she was and in deep love with me.

GAG family: you'll be honest with me.

if she's 100% over him why is she still doing this? Even if I ask her she'll say "yes I'm her one and only, her soulmate".


What Girls Said 2

  • Because she's not 100% over him. I feel like the fact that she stays in contact with him, stalks his social media to SEE WHAT HE'S UP TO WITHOUT HER, and lies to you is just a way to keep you around to make him jealous. Jealous enough for him to want her back and then she'll go running back to him. Red flags are everywhere.

  • She's a liar, literally all there is to it


What Guys Said 1

  • here's what I think. Your in a rebound relationship. And thats it.

    Dont overthink things. Some marriages start off as a rebound relationship.

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