Should I message her again?

So me and this girl messaged a bit through email. She's super cool and I want to keep getting to know her but she hasn't responded to my last message and it's been like 4 days.

Should I message her back and if so what should I say? I would like to move the conversation to text message.


What Girls Said 1

  • She doesn't care that much. Stop texting her.


What Guys Said 1

  • Yeah message her.. so that u can convey how needy and desperate u are...
    Dude she ain't replying u for a reason... Give her space...
    Don't text her... or u will appear like a stalker

    • Well thanks for the advice... Can you try and be more condescending though?

    • Listen... wait 1 week and then just text her.. 'hey i wana take u out to coffee, when r u free?
      If she says no.. Dont ever text her again and move on...
      U keep chit chatting and not make dates... she got bored with u dude... just fuckin ask her out.. Stop wasting her and ur time..
      She assumes u don't have confidence coz ur not asking her out...

    • Alright that sounds good. Thanks for the advice. By one week you mean a full 7 days since last contact or a week from now? And we haven't chatted to much so I don't think she's bored. Either she's busy or just not interested.

      But ya if she doesn't respond to the follow up I'll move on no worries. And of course I will ask her out after a few messages.