Can't get him outta my head?

Few weeks ago, I went on a date with a guy who I really liked and he said we clicked before me saying the same and he kissed me! After the date he did not contact and I asked if he still wanted to see me and that he should be honest and he still replied yes I want to meet you and had a great time. I see no chance of him actually contacting me and I KNOW that I should move on and leave it!

But I can't get him out of my head ever since because he felt so safe and the chemistry was electric and he was a much BETTER version of my ex.(a version I wish my ex was like). I'm sad because I did like him a lot! So do you have any good tips on how to let go people? Sadly, I have REAL issues with that!



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  • Well if it's a sure thing that he's not interested anymore, then all you can really do is do your best to cope with it. Allow yourself to be down about it if you have to for a bit, but you'll just have to accept it and move on, even if slowly.

    • I mean I did tell him to be honest if he didn't want to meet me and that we are adults but he still said that he wanted to meet, I mean I will not chase him of course! So I have to be prepared and like things are looking now I don't know maybe I should just let go and move on!

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    • I mean we spoke a week ago when he said that he wanted to see me again some day. Then we got Easter but yeah I wanted to get mentally prepared. You know what I mean. What would you have done if it happend you?

    • To be sincere, I'd probably think just like you are now. And it would hurt and I'd be down about it for a while too, but in the end, I'd move on.

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