Is it wrong of me to judge women who are really judgmental?

I just discovered why I dislike so many American women, its because of how judgmental they are. I would say 3 out of 5 American women are judgmental and because they are so outwardly judgmental that makes me judge them extremely harshly. I HATE when women say things like "That girl is so ugly, I dont know why a guy would date her" or when they say "That guy smells terrible, I would never date him". I am never outwardly judgmental, but when women say things like this I instantly judge them on the inside in the most strict way. If a girl calls another girl ugly, that girl instantly becomes less attractive to me, if she accuses another person of smelling bad, I will judge her harshly for that one time she doesn't smell good. I dont know why I do it, I just do. I've broken a few girls hearts because I judge them so harshly, but interestingly enough the only women I judge are the ones who judge others. I've met a lot of girls that dont judge at all and I dont judge them, but something about judgmental women just makes me want to subject them to the harshest judgement I can. Is this wrong of me to do? Anyone else do this?


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  • Well, I never think it's a good idea to judge anyone. We're all guilty of it though lol. It seems like judging sometimes comes natural cuz when u see someone or something wrong or different than the norm, people tend automatically judge anyways but I wonder if there is a difference between having a opinion about someone/something and judging.

    I see why u feel this way about judgmental women cuz women or men who act like that are wrong & mean. Also that they deserve to have the same thing done to them but It's just best to try to not judge. I mean i know it can be hard and u don't agree with these women but try to ignore women like that & not get so hung up on how they act. :) You never know why people are the way they are, sometimes their taught to be judgmental or there just unhappy or jealous, so they put other people down.

    Also, im not saying this to be mean or argumentative but aren't you doing the same thing as these women. Your getting mad & judging them for the one thing u hate but you turn around do the same thing by judging them. Again, I'm not saying this to be mean lol. I just telling u to be careful to not keep being like these judgmental women. :)

    • That is why I am asking is it wrong of me to judge the judgers? They started it, and made me want to judge them, normal people that keep their opinions to themselves I dont judge that much, but really opinionated people that judge others get judged much harsher by me. How justified is this?

    • Well, that's what I'm saying, it is wrong to judge & just beause they judge, doesn't mean u have to do it too. :) meaning that it's not justifiable.

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  • Anon,

    It's not wrong to judge the judgmental.

    The internet age has spawned an epic number of labels for people being shitty to each other and cattiness among women is just another form of that.

    This is a good thing because people are also becoming more emotionally intelligent and seeing all forms of meanness as this:

    One unhappy person taking out their negativity on another.

    in psychology, it's called "transference" and it's not just women that do it. It's people that do it. All of us.

    Swearing at someone in traffic, posing a mean comment online, or trolling someone in conversation all happen faster when you're unhappy about something in your own life.

    So, for the catty women... judge away but also, be nice because they might just be having a bad day. If they're that way always, say goodbye and wish them well.

  • I do it too. I really hate judgmental people in general. When I was dating my ex, she was the same age as me but looked like a teenager and I looked like late 20s. The looks I got from women were so nasty. Or maybe I'm just that sexy cause my ex wasn't considered attractive especially by judgmental women. I doubt its that.