Why do I always have to approach girls?

Girls do you try to play footsie with a guy you like? Why?

I feel like two girls I work with do this with me but I can't tell.

One will hit my foot under the table then apologize. But, then later she will like uncross her legs and bump me on my lower leg and not say anything. She does this quite a bit.

The he other will bump my leg under the table like calf and not say anything at all. She kept doing it the other day and never said anything.

Whats up with this?😁


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  • Lolollll well youve got some choices to make don't you.

    • What do you mean? Lol 😁

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    • When they did it?

    • Oh not sure haha

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  • I love footsie... its a way of flirting with a guy.

    • Do you think they were playing footsie with me?

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    • Drives me nuts! Ty

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