Why did he view my profile but not replying my email?

We have picked a date to meet up but still discussing about the location and time along with other convo in the dating web email.

Today he viewed my profile but didn't write back. Did he change his mind?


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  • I had the same problem, and realized that once you set a date, time and location and have done this in detail, it's on and you don't worry.."Set it and Forget it," you show up and if he doesn't then he's done. One chance per one guy, per lifetime... move on to someone serious about dating.

    • Oh he emailed me late and I was asleep now we are textin and already set the time and place. Will meet him soon!

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    • Hi @paris13 and @wisenguber

      Thought I will move the topic to a new question. Thanks!


    • Sure, sis, will look and see what I can cook. xxoo

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  • It's too soon to tell about anything with no real date nor mate just yet here, dear. He may have been looking and lurking just to see what you are all about in 'My profile,' and is thinking about what he is Seeing is Believing for himself and just needs time to absorb everything... Give him a little more time with 'Write back.'
    However, if Time goes on and you are hearing nothing, write him off, he is Then.. A Turn off.
    Good luck. xx

    • Less than 48 hours to go until we meet. If I don't here from him by tomorrow I will write him off cos all we decided is the date and area we don't even have time and place set up

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    • I think GAG is having some serious glitch.. it's switching the gender for all users LOL you are now most helpful guy ROFL!!!

    • LOL!!! Why am I not surprised on gag, sis... talk later. xxoo

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  • maybe he's not interested in you


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