Did he want to hang out?

So me and my.. I don't know what we would be called (we go on dates but we aren't official-if you want to help me on that issue too, go ahead) Well we hung out last night and he told me he had to work the next day so I thought I'd go shopping with my family. After he got off of work he texted me and asked what I was doing. I told him I was busy and that I'd be back later that night. An hour later he texted me and asked when I'd be back home, and I'd told him approximately when I'd be back. He said "K good" and that was the end of that. Then after that time had passed, I'd figured he was just sleeping or something, so I'd let him be. 2 hours after I was home, He asked if I was home yet and I'd said yea. He was like well thanks for telling me! So going over this now, I feel like it's obvious he wanted to hang out so comment if you want to on this situation or the above issue (if it's an issue)! Have a good day! :D :D


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  • he wanted something. what I mean by that is that he is into you in a big way. he wanted to talk to you and more than likely hang out or something. If I was to bet on it, I would say he hung out by the phone to hear from you. so if you detected any agitation there that way way.

    fgood luck and know that you have this guy if you want him.


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