How do I start talking to this guy at the gym? He seems reserved?

I seen this pretty good looking guy at the gym today and he seems nice. I tried smiling at him but he didn't notice, he was just looking down at his phone.
I've seen him afew times but never really got close enough to do anything but smile once as his always in the weights area. And I'm rarely ever there - I'm always in the cardio area. I know I have nothing to lose but I really want to talk to this guy!
His always on the move so impossible for me to start and conversation with him...
Any suggestions?



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  • I'm the same way, kinda reserved. I can and I have approached girls but it's difficult for me. I've had girls smile at me, etc before and at times I kinda think they're interested but I'm not sure. I ALWAYS wish that if they were interested, they would just approach me. I'm not going to bite or be rude even if I'm not interested. Just talk to him. I know it's hard but if he is interested in you, he will be glad you did. Trust me.

    • Thank you for your response! I feel like he uses his phone as a distraction so he doesn't feel awkward when travelling around the gym. Trouble is I'm not really sure what to talk about with him, I mean first impressions are major and probably why half of the time I get overwhelmed.
      However I will take your advice! If he smiles back or if he says hi then I'll definitely talk to him! :)

    • Yeah, try to see if he might be interested in you then figure out something to say. Like give him a compliment then ask his name or something. Think about it, you'll figure out something. I know it's easier said than done (very much so lol) but remember like you said, you don't have anything to lose.

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  • Guys don't go to the gym to get girls. Guys go to the gym to get a good body to get get girls elsewhere.
    Most guys at the gym are crazy dedicated and don't like to be distracted. Nobody likes those people who talk at the gym.
    So just smile or nod at him when you make eye contact and hopefully he tries to approach you at like the break station or whatever. After a few smiles. Approach him at the water cooler or something and just say "hey" say something about the weather. And then go back to working out. Next time , he'd want to talk to you.

    • That is what I have been trying to do. I mean I only go to the gym for working out as well but this particular guy caught my eye. I was going to just smile or say hi and see where it goes, and if it didn't go anywhere I'd give up. But yeah same as Polocrew, I think your right :)

    • Yeah but girls can check guys out and get a hot body.
      Guys are usually trying to secretly compete with other people at the gym. Or break their friends records. Or some other stuff like that.
      Don't give up. Take a friend if you feel shy.

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  • Use the most old trick...
    Just fucking bump into him... crash into him... bump as hard as u can so he understands that u like him...

    • Basically do the good old primary school trick and pull his hair until he notices me? XD

    • Lol...
      A girl did this to me.. she crashed into me so hard... I couldn't believe it...
      It was almost like a high speed collision.. And then she said sorry...
      And i was like woooo sorry sorry... But do it..
      Im sure he will later realise that u like him

    • Well I'm sure it'll get his attention but I'm not sure if he'll appreciate it. Sounds like it hurt Dx

  • he might be a introvert and introverts dont smile at strangers, so i would suggest you to go make a small talk with him and ask his number.

    • Trouble is I'm a little introverted too :P But the more people smile at me the more courage I get to talk to them. So fingers crossed that if he gives me a genuine smile - I'll know that be the OK sign to approach

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    • Haha I thought so! Introverts know eachother's secrets when it comes to interaction :P But I'll see - if we get along might just ask for his number. But not straight away because that'll look weird lol

    • haha yeah ! :P of course you won't ask straight away because that'll be too much weird lol.

  • Nah, Don't bother him at gym lol I don't workout in public gym. I have my own weight room for a reason, You doig that might backfire real bad lol Just meet him out

    • True; But I never see him anywhere else :/ I mean if I did I wouldn't hesitate to talk to him. But I think you might be right :)

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    • You don't have to make it look that way, just get out 2 mins before he do. duh

    • XD I don't even know what time he gets there, what time he leaves and how long he stays there for! For all I know Ill be outside for awhile, probably more than 10 minutes just to say Hi or smile at him or try and start a conversation that may or might not happen. My god the way your making it sound - I need the FBI lmao

  • Men are fugging oblivious. Be as direct as possible. We have NO subtlety, generally.

    • Haha! Don't worry I don't take hints as well either, so I guess when I'm talking with guys there's nothing subtle or hidden in conversation I suppose :P
      Thank you for replying!

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