Would it be weird if I told a guy after about 5 months of not talking, that I really like him, missed him, thought about him heaps?

Even though we'd only texted for a few weeks and met up once for dinner, after we first met at a party, and mostly stopped talking because of me being awkward. and maybe because he thought i wasn't interested, but i was too scared to text him and i'm not very good with showing my feelings.

Cause i really want to text him again and talk to him, maybe try hang out.


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  • Yes it would be weird. But the truth is weird and so are our feelings.

    • So does that mean i should ease into it or just say it out right? or maybe just leave it?

    • I wouldn't say it outright just take your time. Get talking then see where it goes.

    • That's what i first thought but i just really want him to know, but i'll take it easy. Thanks.

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  • have you been having fantasies about him?

    • No, i don't have fantasies about him. I just think about him, like for some reason i can't get him out of my head sometimes. I thought i could just try and leave it but now i'm thinking maybe, i should just try and talk to him again and see how it goes.

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    • Yeah, that's fair. I understand.

    • If you want to discuss privately I am open to that...