Guys, do you think I'm overreacting?

I seriously need advice.
I am dating this wonderful guy, going on a few months. The past 2 weeks have been rocky because I want to spend time with him but I feel almost like I'm last (I do need to say I'm putting all of these bad thoughts in my head), I'm assuming that he puts me last, when really he's balancing his work life, family, and me. I feel like some things could be altered in order for us to get more time together. When your dating on a serious note. I assume that's what you do, alter your committments, spend time together, doesn't have to be everyday but at least a good amount of time, its OK to say "no" to people and work to be able to make time for one another.
So last week I got upset because we planned the weekend out and he was to come over Friday night, stay home watch movies, sleep over. But he mentioned he had to leave early and I got upset so following last thurs. Night I was on the phone with him, pretty irritable and didn't say much and he asked me why I was being different with him... after we eventually got off of the phone I texted him that after we watch movies he could just go home and I guess that upset him... so ever since now he's acting different. Like not his normal routine with me, I don't know if he's doing it on purpose. Or testing me? I always make myself suffer by assuming the worst... I just want to be confident about me and him, I don't know why I'm scared or why I do these things. I can become very careless and insensitive sometimes but only by reason.
Another issue I had with him is that we planned the weekend and it totally flipped to a different plan, so I didn't see him at all. I'm not needy, or an attention whore, I just wanted to genuinley spend time with him, is that to much to ask?
Now after all of this no, goodnight, no text updates like he would always text me "just got home, blah blah blah" like stuff like that, this week so far is extremely different and I'm frustrated, I don't like it at


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  • I think your overreacting a bit. Things happen and at times a situation changes. If this happens frequently like every weekend you try to do something it's an issue but not the first or second time. You've only been going out for 3 months if the relationship is a serious as you say then you have tons of time to spend together and missing a weekend or two is ok. You changing your mood made his change. Time to have a talk, smooth everything over and go back to loving and enjoying each other.

    • We've been dating about going on 6 months now.
      Thank you for your honest opinion, I really needed it. I guess I AM driving myself crazy.
      We're doing dinner and a movie night this Friday... I already apologized to him and stuff but I think he's still distant now. I just caused a big mess omg.

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    • Yes. You treat things as normal. Have a good time and usually it turns the mood around.

    • He's like not texting me back like he usually does... wtf :(

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