Girls, do I bother texting again? would she of replied if she wanted to?

So I met a girl at a bar last night I got her number after saying I might be going to a club she's going to at the weekend. She went home but was looking for one of her friends she couldn't find. I text her that night asking if her friend had made it home ok, she replied this morning saying they had done. I replied referring to something the night before and asking her something. She's still not replied after like 6 hours, I don't want to seem desperate so not sure whether to bother texting again, surely if she wanted to talk to me she would of replied? Is it more likely that's she's just missed the message or that she doesn't want to talk in your personal experience. Oh I can't actually make it to the club I just wanted a way to get her number

  • She probably doesn't want to talk
  • She's just missed it by mistake
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I'll just mention I said my friends weren't going to the club and she told me to go with her and her friends that's why I asked for the number even tho I knew I could go


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  • She may be busy, but to me it seems like she's not interested :/

  • Maybe she hasn't seen ur text? Dunno , just Wait for a while... U dont know that for sure


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