Do I have a right to be upset?

I was going through a rough break up back in November and I needed someone to vent to, well I found this guy who I later fell in love with. In the beginning I just needed someone to vent to and I told him that. After awhile of talking he started catching feelings and I told him that I didn't want to get myself into anything until I was completely over my ex, well he kept pushing it. Eventually over time I started to like him more than a friend.
Unfortunately, I never got the opportunity to tell him because he met someone else and that crushed me. He didn't feel like waiting around for me to get over my ex so he moved on. They aren't together, but are talking. What upsets me is that my ex betrayed me in a way that he did, I told him what my ex did and he did almost the exact same thing. He has 2 girls that likes him, but yet I'm the only one that knows about her she doesn't know about me because he doesn't want to tell her. He likes her pictures on Facebook, but doesn't like very many of mine. He got upset awhile back because I didn't watch a video of him on Facebook. I told him the other day that I don't want to talk anymore until he can decide who he wants. If he really cared about me like he said he would've fought, but he didn't. I feel like I'm an option, sometimes when he doesn't get anywhere with her he hits me up. He kept pushing me to open up and reveal my feelings, but once I did it was too late. We use to talk all the time, he's told me that he has fallen in love with me. Him and that other chick have been talking for 3 months and they haven't even really talked about much of anything, she wants to see where it goes. She has an advantage over me, she lives closer to him than I do. Am I right for feeling hurt and betrayed?


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  • He's probably weighing up his choices. He may see you as someone who requires a lot of time before anything can happen. This may cause him to doubt any real future in that. So he'll look else where to find someone where the situation is a little better.
    If nothing happens with the other woman either, he'd probably find himself in a situation where he either chooses one of you or keeps looking for someone more available.
    Just a guess but only he knows what he's thinking...

    • I've been thinking that too. We've talked about the future and things like that. The one doubt he has about her is that she is a stripper and he doesn't know if that will work out with him. He's opened up a few times. I feel if you like 2 people then you should let both of them know that there is someone else that you like, I feel like she thinks that she's the only one he's talking to. I think it's not fair for me to know about her, but she doesn't know about me.

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    • True. If he wants you he'd pick you without hesitation. It's his call...

    • Yes it is, but by the time he decides I may have already moved on.

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  • No. Actually you told him to wait. He couldn't because he happened to fall for someone else. It's not his fault. Such things happen.

    • Technically he didn't fall for her. I believe that I do have a right to be upset. If someone can't wait, and they want you to rush your feelings for them that's a little messed up if you ask me. So, while I'm trying to gathering my thoughts and get over an ex he's trying to rush and find someone else. It's not right for him to tell me how I felt about him. He says that he's in love with me, but he doesn't know his feelings about this other girl. If he truly was in love with me he would drop her, but no he's going to keep her around.