How sad is the world today?

Nowadays if you show interest in a girl, the main questions that pop into her head are

'Does he actually like me'
'is he just saying these things to get in my pants' 'does he only want to sleep with me'
'Is he a player'

Like wow what are we coming to?
Why can't we be trusted?


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  • Most girls only question a guys intentions if he gives her mixed signals, and doesn't let he know where she stands. If she doesn't know him well she may be a little guarded until she knows him better


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  • That;s nothing! The world is sad due to innocent people getting killed, raped, losing jobs etc.

    • That's not what this question is about

    • Ok, to answer your question... trust is 'earned'. If you have actually been good and a girl still does not trust you, just move on to the next one.

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