He acts like my boyfriend but hates the title?

Hello, I have been dating a guy for 6 months now, and I am certain this is an exclusive thing because there's nothing sus going on whatever time I call during the day and when we spend time together it is usually 3-4 days straight on.
His family members all love me etc but I've NEVER met his friends.. He said in his past relationship he gave everything and when they broke up he lost some friends too so 'we have our own thing' but he has a separate social life.

but I can see he loves me a lot cuz we are in our own world when we're together and he acts childish and affectionate, something he'd never do with his other friends. He did tell his mum we r best friends. He is 24 I am 20 :)
am I wasting my time? Should I move on or see how things go? Thanks!

And he won't call me his girlfriend but does everything a boyfriend does. should I be concerned about the title?


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  • I'd be concerned in your position as well. I consider it kind of stupid that he hasn't introduced you as his girlfriend to his parents. It may be justified, but then again you have no reason to endure it if you don't want to. Talk to him about it. If he's not willing to change things, then you should move on.


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  • Well, he is doing those things as your best friend, he thinks of you as a best friend and so he doesn't like the title of boyfriend.

    I understand what you say, but then may be he just doesn't think of himself as your boyfriend, it's not the title, he has to believe that he is your boyfriend.


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