He treats me like a princess, calls me everyday to see how I'm doing, and provides for me in small cute ways. We are not dating, and I feel bad?

I'm trying to get over someone I thought I was over... when I met this guy. He is so sweet, so nice and he takes care of me like no one ever has before. We go to the same Latin dancing club and we became each other's fave dance partners. Then I added him on FB and he asked me for my number (that was about a week and a half ago).
He is definitely boyfriend-material to me. We have seen each other and hung out a couple times and we are going on a date this Friday. My only worry is that I don't feel ready to date steadily yet, but I don't want to miss the opportunity to meet a great guy and/or break his heart. The last thing I want to do is to lead him on and end up hurting him.
I was thinking about going on that date with him and later tell him what's up with me, slow things down and take more time to get to know each other better.
What do you guys think?


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  • It's a very simple situation.. you tell him whatever is going on in your mind. Randomly? Out of the blue? Nopes
    Ask him about his past.. whether he had a girlfriend or something.. went through breakup or no? If he did.. then casually tell him your situation and ask him what'd he do if he were in your position.. where he wasn't sure that he was ready to date yet. If he's smart enough, he'll understand. Or else spell out to him that you are in this position. If you want, I can guide you through this, PM me


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  • I think that it's perfectly okay if you don't feel ready to jump back in to a relationship just yet. That is totally up to you!

    If he truly cares about you he will be willing to take the time. However, you definitely need to be honest with him. Let him know what's up.

    Most people are pretty reasonable when it comes to situations like this. If you need a month or two to get into a place where you feel you are ready for a relationship, then so be it.

    The best way is to communicate with him and be honest. If after a few months you still don't feel ready, be honest with him and let him know. By communicating, he has a chance to think about whether the situation suits him or not.


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  • All he wants is you to be happy even at his own expense. I will warn you that these guys are sensitive and its probably best to see where it goes and hopefully you get the guts to date him. Cause every other option is going to make him ether more shy or ashamed.

    • Yes, he is. He really cares about me! And that doesn't leave me cold, really.
      But what should I do so he doesn't get hurt when I'll tell him I'm not ready and I need to take things slow?

    • Cause I do enjoy his company, I love talking to him and hearing from him.

    • Just keep being friends and wait I guess would be the safest way to go and make up your mind by then.

  • Well, if he is indeed a wonderful guy, then yes you should take things slow and get to know him better and make this clear to him.

  • He is doing this of his own free will. There is nothing you can do unless you specifically state "I will never date you. Sorry."

    • It's not that I'm not attracted to him, it's that I'm not ready to date. I got brokenhearted and it's been 4 months I'm working on it. I was convinced I was back on my feet about a month ago. But I heard yesterday about the guy I was dating and I fell apart immediately after. I met the new guy from the post about 2 weeks ago and I had no idea I wasn't ready to start over...
      I want to give it a try but I'm scared and still aching. I don't want to rush things and end up involving myself I'm not ready for.

    • Well, whatever the reason. If you don't want to, then don't, just be forward about it.

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