Who is he playing at?

I understand I have some issues on my own, but I don't understand what this guy wants from me. I just sit here sometimes likesometimes (thinking)... I know he's trying to get my attention, but doesn't do anything or say anything about it. Maybe sometimes but he may be a player in this case..

Is this some kind of ego boost for him? Why me? Why am I being played at and with. Like to be brutelly honest this behavior doesn't make me want to sleep/date with him any faster... Lol I prefer the nice, shy guy who walks up to me and says you're beautiful I'd like to take you on a date, say the park. But nooo I get guys who'd rather play my feelings and treat the next girl how I wanted to be treated... lol.

Yet I still have not done anything to anyone... I'm not good with the whole flirting thing. So maybe this is my punishment for not learning fast enough.. yes. I am shy. Yes I do push people away sometimes only out of fearenough and love, at least I used to... But, there I said it. I know I'm not perfect. I know that. It doesn't give me an excuse to be an ass, sometimes I really am but that's just screaming hold me dammit.. lol

but its all out on the table now.
Now someone grill me please

I don't want to hear the lame excuse of cute girls need to be approached differently... it's all bs. At least to me


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  • maybe he feels subtly insulted or not reassured that you're interested in him. maybe he's becoming annoying to subtly push you away since he's perceived rejection.

    • Makes sense... but it's been monthsssss of this.. Lol he hates me

    • maybe he's waiting for you to figure it out, and patch things up. =) a guy that likes you will hate you if you're toying with them, treating them like shit, and not reassuring them about being with you.

    • I understand but we've never even had a conversation. I've been avoiding him, leaving him alone... but he does things to get my attention that's really pushing me away... not making me want to get closer.. so why is he still behaving this way

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  • Interesting

    • fee better now finally some Clarity.. Well get through j

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    • Np anytime

    • I'm getting impatient... I know this is not good, so what do I do?

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  • it seems that guy do exactly what i'm doing.. hell i doubt it is me : D... but what i can tell you is that : he is not necessarly a play boy or any thing like it... it is may be he is afraid of falling in love or want a great something and being in love with a girl will hinder him...
    and why you? because he saw you different
    may be you are the right girl at the wrong time

    • Thank you for your kind words. It does seem that way..

    • you are welcome : D

      and i want to tell you to try to talk to him directly
      most of those people were got hurt or have a complicated past

    • I Guess I can understand that. Thanks again

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